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NextoDI NSB-25 Portable Backup Device

NextoDI NSB-25 Portable Backup Device

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- Expandable Mobile Data Backup Device
- Interchangeable Memory Card Modules
- 5" TFT-LCD 800 x 400 Touchscreen
- HDMI/Stereo Audio Out, Internal Speaker
- Playback 2K and Preview 4K
- Simultaneously Back Up to Three Drives
- Make Copies On-Location without A Laptop
- Generates Log Files
- Copy a 4GB or Larger File
- Supports exFAT, FAT32, UDF, and HFS+

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SKU NS25-01000
Brand NextoDI

The Best Backup Plan

Working with 2K/4K Raw video need fast, large capacity storage and preferably at least 2 copies. Many professionals prefer to make at least 3 backups, for archiving, keep and send to an editor or producer. Cameras use a wide variety of memory card types and format, preferably one that can take all types of media. Now, NSB25 resolved the problems! The speed, portability, versatility and expandability all in one!


Interchangeable Memory Card Module

NSB25 is designed with the flexibility to create a backup from almost every memory card. The optional modules support SxS, XQD, P2, AXSM, REDMAG/MINI, AJA PAK/QUAD, or SSD. It has two fixed memory card slots, one for CompactFlash card and one for SD card.


Removable Hard Disk Module

The NSB-25 designed with 2 removable drive modules that we called "Bridge Pellets". A module is easily swappable with another one to expand storage space. 2 bridge pellets which can hold 2.5 inches SATA Hard drive or SSD.


Smartest And Fastest Backup

After shooting content, take the card out from your camera then insert it into the card slot on NSB. M-Copy (Multi Copy), you can easily and securely create up to 3 backups simultaneously. Incremental Backup, only those files that have changed since the last backup will be copied, to perform quicker and consume minimum storage space.


Synchronize Data To Another Drive

You can also synchronize data from HDD Module to another drive without a computer. Only those files that have changed since the last sync will be copied, to perform faster and save space. NSB25 checks files by names, sizes and create time to find the changed files.


Export Folders

You can select multiple folders and move them from an internal HDD module to another drive. The selected folders must be located on the same drive.


Playback 2K, Preview 4K

You can plays back 2K or preview 4K clips on 5” color TFT LCD touch screen. With an internal speaker and stereo audio output also supported with a 3.5mm headphone jack. You can also attach a bigger monitor through HDMI interface for a better viewing experience.


Transcode (Sold separately)

NSB has video transcoding capability, converting 4K files to H.264 (.mov) file format.


Error Checking Before Backup

If the video data is damaged due to the dead of battery in the middle of shooting, it will display a error message to warning you before copy. Nsb-25 recognize the intact files before the copy except of the invalid data.


CRC Protected Copy With LOG File

The NSB-25 generates a LOG file with CRC-protected (Cyclic Redundancy Check). To keep track of usage by the user and then saves it on each drive attached to it. The Log file provides information about XCopy, Sync, computer connectivity etc.


Success/Failure Feedback

The NSB-25 automatically shuts down if it detects inactivity after the XCopy, MCopy, or Verify process. When the device is switched back on again, it displays the previous backup status; either "Success" or "Failed". You can check details in the LOG file for that drive when the Success message is displayed.


Naming A Drive and Folder

When you backup from the card, a folder is automatically created. The folder is named according to the file's most recent date (ex. 20140401.000). Folders are numbered in the order they are copied.
For multiple users, the NSB-25 does not change the drive name during the hard drive format. Set your preferred drive name at the computer to differentiate your drives.


High Speed Of Data Transfer with USB 3.0

NSB attaches to your computer via the fast USB 3.0 cable. Then you can browse, edit or transfer contents of internal HDD modules to your computer. The removal HDD module also features the fast USB 3.0 connectivity.


Versatile Power Options

NSB-25 is running and rechargeable with 6~25 voltages. The reverse power is protected and auto shut-off of overvoltage over 28V upto 40V. D-tap cable (sold separately) is connected to 6~24V big battery for the stable power supply.


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