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NextoDI NSB-25 Backup Kit (HDD Pellet or Memory Module x2)

NextoDI NSB-25 Backup Kit (HDD Pellet or Memory Module x2)

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- Included HDD Bridge Pellet / Memory Card Module, total 2 modules
- Expandable Mobile Data Backup Device
- Interchangeable Memory Card Modules
- 5" TFT-LCD 800 x 400 Touchscreen
- HDMI/Stereo Audio Out, Internal Speaker
- Playback 2K and Preview 4K
- Simultaneously Back Up to Three Drives
- Make Copies On-Location without A Laptop
- Generates Log Files
- Copy a 4GB or Larger File
- Supports exFAT, FAT32, UDF, and HFS+

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    Brand NextoDI

    The Most Safe Way To Backup Your Data

    A high-capacity portable solution for offloading, previewing and pre-editing on location. The NVS2825 supports backup from various memory cards. Such as SXS Cards, P2/P2E cards, SD/SDHC/SDXC, and CF media. This version features 3 x different copy modes, Fast Copy, Copy & Verify, and Safe Copy, that allow you to choose the amount of data verification used when copying files from your media card.


    Quickly Makes 2 Copies In a Single Backup

    M-Copy (Multi-Copy) enable to make 2 true copies simultaneously from a memory card. The NVS2825 supports the exFAT file system as well as the UDF file system. Allowing it to import files larger than 4GB. With the Bypass copy mode, if the internal Hard Drive is full, bypass internal drive then copy to external Hard Drive only.


    Synchronize Data To External Drive

    You can also synchronize data from NVS2825 to an external drive without a computer. When you connect an external drive, NVS2825 offloads only the data that changed since the last backup. NVS2825 checks files by names, sizes and create time to find the changed files.


    Preview Video With Audio

    You can preview video or photo files as thumbnail or a single file view on built-in LCD. When previewing the copied data, you can change the play speed from 1x to 64x. Preview clips supported from internal or external drive and memory card. Stereo audio output also supported with a 3.5mm headphone jack.


    Pre-Editing Over WiFi


    While connecting the Wi-Fi using the App, you can preview your footage with full resolution & audio. The NVS2825 generates HTML index file which make it possible to show all footages, tag the clips as OK or NG, and attach comments to clips using an iPad. You can also create a pre-edit of your footage, marking in/out points, which can later be utilized in a compatible NLE system to speed your edit.


    Bad Sector Checker


    Before copying data, the NVS2825 verifies that the hard drive area is safe, it will display a warning if detects bad sectors on the internal drive. If a video folder contains a bad sector, the NVS2825 recovers the video to a new folder. It copies data onto good sectors and replaces the bad data with format dependent dummy sectors. The frames that contain dummy sectors will be filled with block noises but the rest of the clip will be usable.


    CRC Protected Copy With LOG File

    Calculates the CRC(Cyclic Redundancy Check) code for each file during copy and stores it to the LOG file. You can use provided program “NxCrcChecker” to check if the files is changed from original copy or not.


    Success/Failure Feedback

    After backup success,  NVS2825 switched off automatically after few seconds to save battery power. Next time user switch on the device, it displays backup result from the previous operation.


    Motion Secor Protection

    If shaking is detected, the NVS2825 warns the user via an LCD indicator and a beeping sound. It also contains a free-fall sensor which detects droping motion to protect the internal hard drive. When detect the unit is during falls, it will cut-off power before it hits the ground. The sensitivity of the motion sensor can be set to Off/Low/High.


    Versatile Power Options

    The NVS2825 built-in internal battery makes it a good fit for field work. It can also be powered by external battery, AC power adapter, a car with a lighter outlet, and USB or Firewire bus power.


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