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LiveU - LU300-HEVC-PRO Multiple Network Bonding Video Portable Transmission Unit

LiveU - LU300-HEVC-PRO Multiple Network Bonding Video Portable Transmission Unit

- Ultra-small form-factor and weighing just over 900 grams
- High video quality and bitrate – up to 12Mbps
- End-to-end low latency mode, Store & Forward, File Transfer (FTP)
- Dual-encoding for Live and Store functionality
- Includes LiveU Reliable Transport (LRT™), featuring proprietary algorithms
- Up to 6 network bonding paths (2 integrated, LAN, Wi-Fi and 4G USB modem)
- Ethernet ports for connection to LAN, satellite (BGAN/KA/KU over IP)
- 2 USB for connection to 3G/4G cellular modems
- Supports 3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI 1.4 video input
- Supports 1080p50/60/25/30/24, 1080i/50/60, 720p50/60/25/30/24
- Full control using cloud management via LiveU Central
- Ideal for broadcasts on the fly

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Brand LiveU
Compact HEVC Field Unit for On-the-Go Live Streaming

The LU300 is a small-sized, cost-effective and reliable HEVC encoder, enabling broadcasters and other content creators to transmit high-quality video on-the-go.



With LiveU’s professional-grade hardware HEVC technology at its core, the LU300 combines high-quality video performance with extreme bandwidth efficiency. Content creators can provide the same video quality as H.264 while using about half the bandwidth. In cases where original H.264 bitrate is maintained, the LU300 HEVC offers greatly improved video quality.

Unlike software HEVC solutions, the LU300 can encode in HEVC format at all times, allowing users to operate in real-time with extreme low latency and the highest quality, even at very low bitrates. The LU300 offers longer battery time with a threehour internal battery.

Weighing just over 900 grams (2 lbs) and available in a pouch or camera-mount configuration, the LU300 bonds up to six connections: two LTE-Advanced internal modems, two external modems, WiFi and LAN.

Live & Store functionality enables users to upload high quality stored copies of the live video immediately after live sessions. Highly flexible, the LU300 can also serve as a standalone video encoder or be used as a LiveU DataBridge mobile hotspot for general connectivity in the field.

With its new design, the LU300 offers an enlarged 2.2” display with improved resolution, dramatic improvement in visibility under sunlight conditions and a new JOG controller for easier control of the unit. Additional enhancements include a stronger CPU for super-fast file upload.


LRT™ (LiveU Reliable Transport)

LiveU’s unique Reliable Transport protocol (LRT™) is at the heart of LiveU products to deliver optimized video performance. LRT™ enables reliable, low delay live video streaming over non-guaranteed IP networks and ensures reliable transport over the most unreliable of networks, including cellular networks - allowing you to acquire exciting live content in even the most remote locations.



LRT uses numbered packets so that the packets can be re-ordered when they arrive out of order. Packet Ordering is an absolute requirement with connection bonding, where data usually arrives in a different order than intended.



Forward Error Correction (FEC) adds some overhead to the stream to recover lost data faster. LRT automatically varies the FEC parameters based on monitored network conditions.



LRT can acknowledge large groups of packets if they all arrived. If some did not arrive, it can inform the streaming engine to resend needed data. By acknowledging large groups of packets at a time, LRT uses less overhead and latency. Unlike UDP, LRT gives complete feedback loop so the user knows that the data is arriving correctly.



As the bandwidth condition changes, LRT automatically recognizes this and informs the video encoder to allow it to adapt the bit rate of video it is delivering and keep the best possible stream within the available bandwidth at any given moment.


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