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< edelkrone > Motorized Motion Control - DollyONE

< edelkrone > Motorized Motion Control - DollyONE

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- Camera Motion Control Robot for Flat & Smooth Surfaces
- Straight or Curved camera motions.
- Automatically learns the center point to move around.
- Smartphone controlled via Bluetooth
- Can pair and work with HeadONE and HeadPLUS
- Can be easily programmed for motion time-lapses
- 15 lb (6.8 kg) carrying capacity
- 6.3 x 6.3 x 2.26 in (160 x 160 x 57.5mm) actual size
- 3.52 lb (1.6 kg) actual weight
- Requires flat & smooth surfaces to operate on
- Works with 1x Canon LP-E6 battery
- 100% CNC machined aluminum body

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Brand edelkrone

Ultra portable, motorized table-top dolly to create linear or curved camera motions on flat surfaces + wireless connectivity with edelkrone motorized Heads. Works great with FlexTILT Head 2.


Linear virtual track

DollyONE provides linear slides by default. You can either use it for regular slide motion or dolly in/out shots. You can easily select several points on the straight line and make DollyONE slide to any of those points. You can also put DollyONE in a loop between any of the two points.


Curved virtual track (360°)

DollyONE can create a circular path around any target you choose. The easy path creation wizard will let you create the desired curved track easily. No measuring tools required. You can later select several points on the curved path and make DollyONE go to any of them for amazing parallax shots. You can also put it in a loop between any two points for interview shots.


Edelkrone DollyONE

Size (L x W x H) : 6.3 x 6.3 x 2.26 in (160 x 160 x 57.5mm)

Weight : 3.52 lb (1.6 kg)

Recommended Camera Load : 15 lb (6.8 kg) or less.

Mounting options : 3/8"-16 mounting screw on top.

Supported fps : All

Motor type : x2 Step motor with ultra high-res encoders.

Power inputs : Requires x1 Canon LP-E6 type battery to operate. Battery bracket included. Battery not included.

Battery life :
- With 14.4 Wh energy (1 Canon LP-E6 battery is 14.4 Wh)
- Operates 2 hours (continuously at full speed)
- Shoots 12000 photographs (in Time-Lapse mode)
- Shutter trigger cable socket
- 2.5 mm (shutter trigger cable sold seperately)

Can be paired : HeadONE (Both in single or dual modes), HeadPLUS, HeadPLUS PRO

Mobile device connection : Bluetooth low-energy communication.

App. compatibility : iOS 11.0 or later & Android 5.0 or later

Materials : CNC machined aluminum and stainless steel components.

In the box

- Edelkrone DollyONE
- LP-E6 Battery Bracket


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