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How do you sync audio when editing your videos without having to lip read for hours? We know how much of a pain it can be to deal with a bunch of different audio clips. We are all about workflow here at Rhino, and if we can save a couple minutes by learning a coupe tips and tricks, we will. When it comes to audio, it's important to make sure it matches your video clip perfectly. Or else your viewer could be distracted by the speakers audio being slightly off. There are 3 main ways we save time in the editing room when it comes to audio:

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We wanted to create a different type of video showing ROV, so we grabbed a few items and made a makeshift studio on our office dining table. Sometimes you don't need the most expensive lights or equipment to do a professional looking job.

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We wanted to challenge ourselves by trying to shoot a cinematic short film with just 5 pieces of camera equipment. Everyone knows that camera equipment can get overwhelming at times. Sometimes when you're trying to pack light for a shoot, before you know it, your camera bag weighs over 50 pounds. Which brings us to the question, can you really only bring 5 main pieces of gear to shoot a cinematic short? Watch here to find out.

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By no means are we pros when it comes to lighting, but we wanted to share with you what we've learned when it comes to lighting an interview. Lighting any shoot can be challenging, and you want to make sure your subject is well lit and the lighting on their face is evenly spread. We tend to stick to 3 point lighting because it is simple and effective. In the beginning, we used cheap Amazon lights that would break often. Then, we opted for some better quality lights but they were a bit bulky and not compact. However, our good friends at Spiffy Gear created these new lights and wanted us to test them out. Here are our thoughts on them.

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Okay, we know that to the professionals, this might be a silly test. But with more and more creatives looking to create content, your phone isn't a bad option and we wanted to prove it. The iPhone X is a solid video camera with the capability to capture beautiful footage. How does it match up to a professional cinema camera though? We decided to shoot a short in downtown Tacoma to see how they match up.

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2017 was one to remember! We created this video to show you guys some highlights of last year along with content Rhino users got all around the world. We are excited for 2018 and even more pumped for you to join us on the journey.

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