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LiveU Case Study : 2016 Chinese Super League

The 2016 China Ping An China Football Association Super League is the 13th China Super League sponsored by the China Football Association since the establishment of the China Football Super League in 2004. It is also the 23rd China Football Top Professional League since the professionalization of Chinese football in 1994. And the 55th China Football Top League since the first national football league in China in 1954. This year's league will include 16 teams including five consecutive defending champions, Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao.

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How do you live stream a sporting event hosted in a rural part of the country? For organizers of the USA Wakeboard Collegiate Nationals, live streaming the event and covering all the action was key. But this was problematic since the competition was planned in Orange Beach, Alabama, a rural location on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.

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The ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship offers a tough challenge to participants and an almost equal challenge to anyone wishing to bring the event to viewers. The race started in 2006 and there’s now a series of other races that build up to this event. Involving teams of two people, they swim between 26 islands and then run across them. The total distance is 75 kilometres of which 10 km are open-water swimming and 65 km are trail-running. It takes place in early September along the archipelago to the south east of Stockholm.

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LiveU Case Study : Manny Pacquiao’s Last Boxing Match

As boxing legend Manny Pacquiao prepared for his final professional fight after an illustrious career, he partnered with Global Sports Streaming (GSS) to bring his dedicated fans a front-row look at his training camp regimen and pre-fight activities through a series of livestreams to Pacquiao’s YouTube Channel.

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LiveU Case Study : RIO Olympics 2016

Live video has become one of the most effective ways to stand out and connect with an audience and Rio 2016 exemplifies this change more than any recent event. There is no question that this was the most live streamed Olympic games ever. It has been reported that NBC alone delivered almost 3 billion minutes of live streaming during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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LiveU Case Study : Super Bowl 2015 Denver Broncos

As the Denver Broncos headed back to the Super Bowl in 2016, the newly crowned AFC Champs wanted to give their fans an all-access pass to Super Bowl City events and interviews leading up to the Big Game in San Francisco.

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