The Texas Tech University athletics department was seeking a technology that would allow them to live-stream all of their school sporting events from multiple locations. Texas Tech, being very vigorous and dedicated to their athletics program, holds more than 60 sporting events to be broadcasted every year. With Texas Tech’s long history of athletic excellence, the university needed to expand their abilities to broadcast all of their sporting events from all of their Texas Tech fields and venues, as well as away games and events. Being that live transmission connectivity through fiber or the buying or renting of a satellite truck is very costly, Texas Tech was having difficulty acquiring live content for all events. Texas Tech venues such as the Rocky Johnson softball field and the John Walker Soccer Complex had no existing fiber infrastructure between Texas Tech’s broadcast facilities ad the sports venues. The university needed a solution in order to expand their live-streaming availability and capabilities.



LiveU’s cellular transmission devices made it possible for Texas Tech’s athletics production team to acquire their sports content by connecting to cellular data, rather than expensive fiber connectivity. Texas Tech saw LiveU’s technology to be a significantly more cost-effective solution. With the combination of their LiveU transmission unit and the LiveU Central cloud-based management service, Texas Tech was able to stream their content directly back to the studio and manage it directly through the Cloud. This made it possible for Texas Tech to broadcast their sports content on their school’s live web-station as well as Texas Tech TV on Fox. Texas Tech was able to eliminate the lack of connectivity by using LiveU’s transmission devices with WiFi or cellular data in order to increase connection power.
The Texas Tech leadership saw the improvements that LiveU was making for the sports department,
and wanted to leverage it for other major events. Therefore, the university also used LiveU to live-stream and broadcast big Texas Tech events such as High Education Conferences and the Annual Carol of Lights.



- The University can live-stream all sporting events from any venue while staying within budget.
- Texas Tech can now stream higher-quality content with more reliable bandwidth for a fraction of the cost
- Texas Tech was able to stream their away spring championships from Midland, TX back to their broadcasting facilities in Lubbock, TX for three hours and distribute directly to Fox Sports in Houston, TX using LiveU Central.


Customer Thoughts

“Before LiveU we were streaming low-quality content from low-connectivity sports venues,” says David Houghland, Director of Broadcast Services for Texas Tech University.
“Now, with LiveU’s cellular transmission devices and content managing service, for a flat, low monthly fee, we transmit as much video as we want, and be able to live-stream and broadcast games and events from anywhere rather than paying fees for each location. LiveU’s technology is truly an asset to Texas Tech’s athletic and broadcasting department.”