Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP) concluded the Robotics portion of its annual flagship event – the APAC Innovation Summit (AIS) 2016 on 3 June at Hong Kong Science Park. As Hong Kong’s premier technology forum for robotics, the event was joined by over 30 of the top minds working in robotics-related fields, including academicians, engineers and business leaders – from around the world – to share the trends and insights on robotics, from research, artificial intelligence to the future of its application, with 900 attendants at the conference.

Being one of the highlights of the robotics conference, test-drive of SAM car, the world’s first head-operated car, demonstrated the advancement and readiness of sensing technology and applications which help to drive research and development as well as collaboration in robotics. Equipped with highly sophisticated sensors and processors, the SAM can be controlled with only its driver’s head movements, enabling disabled people to also enjoy the joy of being behind the wheel.

Chakib Loucif, Vice President of Engineering, Arrow Electronics, presented his views on technology application whilst demonstrating Arrow’s semiautonomous motorcar (SAM) during his keynote session. He emphasised that innovation must help people and used SAM Car as an example to show that customers are the foundation of their projects aiming to solve real-life problems.